We've all heard that you can't judge a book by it's cover, and I try not to do that. I dive right in and read them. Once I've read them I share my thoughts, reviews, delights and disappointments. I hope they lead others to enjoy a few minutes with a good book.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A great summer read!

If you liked Savannah Blues
by Mary Kay Andrews you will be delighted to follow Weezie & BeBe on their next adventure. I just finished Savannah Breeze. The long time friends join forces to try regain BeBe's dignity and possessions after she puts a little too much trust in a handsome man she met at a charity ball.

BeBe, who is known for her sense of style and designer labels, as well as her astute business sense, finds herself homeless with only the clothes on her as one back. She finds that she does have one asset that she didn't even know about: The Breeze Inn. It's a rundown old motel on Tybee Island. It comes with a leaking roof, tacky decor and an hostile caretaker.

The girls set about fixing up the Inn to provide BeBe with a roof over head and hopes of some income. Then they cook up a plan to recover BeBe's fortune. They even squeeze in time for a little romance.

The book is filled with the kooky, eccentric characters I love from Mary Kay Andrews. It's a fun read for the beach or to take a little vacation by proxy.
Savannah Breeze